10 common health problems that can be treated using Epsom salt


It happens so that all of us have a tendency to neglect what was granted to us by mother nature. These days, we have so much at our disposal and it makes it even easier to forget about what our ancestors used to their advantage, you will be surprised how effective simple things are.

There are so many products that we are using only for a sole purpose while there is a great lot to it. The very same goes for Epsom salt. We are sure that you would agree that the only purpose you use it is to relieve some stress. Or you simply use it because many people do. We have taken this information into consideration and decided to reveal to you more benefits that Epsom salt has and the conditions it can help treat.

#1 Cold

It is not that surprising to catch a cold when winter comes. Of course, at the first symptoms, you run to the closest pharmacy and buy proper meds. But, soaking for 20 minutes in a bath with Epsom salt has the same cold-curing abilities. Try it out!

#2 Sore muscles

These days it is all about working out and very often you get home not only tired but sore all over. That is when Epsom salt bath comes in handy too. Just 12 minutes in a bath and you will forget about that pain!

#3 Stress

We deal with stress on a daily basis and there is nothing great about taking it with you to sleep. That is why try a nice relaxing Epsom salt bath with the addition of your favorite essential oil to get rid of all the daily stress you have gone under.

#4 Acne

Acne is the issue that many face and struggle with. As it turns out, Epsom salt can help here too since it has strong cleansing abilities. Wash your face with some Epsom salt added and observe the improvement.

#5 Constipation

That is the condition we are not really eager to talk about. That is why to get rid of it you need to add just a teaspoon of Epsom salt to a glass of water and drink it.

#6 Healthy hair

There are so many hair products out there on the market but not all of them are equally effective. What is effective is a combination of Epsom salt and your favorite conditioner in equal amount.

#7 Skin inflammation

Skin inflammations are nasty to deal with. But a warm water mixed with Epsom salt and applied to the affected area can take it away in a matter of minutes.

#8 Healthy feet

A foot soak with the addition of Epsom salt will not only relieve you of pain but also will eliminate bad odor and fungus if any.

#9 Sunburn

Very often we end up with a sunburn despite all the precautions. That is where Epsom salt bath comes in handy too.

#10 Sleep

Sleep is very important for our overall health. That is why a nice Epsom salt bath is will take you a step closer to good night sleep.


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