A 21 Day Hormone Reset Challenge

As it is known, hormones influence the health, mood and appearance of a woman. Even the slightest imbalance can lead to the failure of the whole system. Sometimes, in order to reset the balance of hormones, it is worthwhile to have a special detox-course, which will help you restore the health. You can even do it yourself at home.

There are many hormones that perform their functions within us, but there are those that most often cause problems, balancing our health – stress hormones, thyroid hormones, sex hormones, and insulin, which controls our blood sugar levels.

You need this 21-day hormone reset challenge, if you observe symptoms like: irregular periods, excessive discharge at night, mood swings, depression, weight gain, low libido, fatigue, hair loss or excess hair, acne or other skin problems, infertility or miscarriage.

#1. Refuse alcohol, sugar and coffee consumption for 21 days. Your liver will love this. If you cannot stand going without coffee, replace it with green tea.

#2. Normalize your diet. Eat vegetables, especially greens. Also add more onions, garlic and artichokes to your diet.

#3. Eat more foods containing protein. These are chicken, fish and eggs. If you are a vegetarian, eat more nuts and seeds.

#4. Water. During detox your body needs water even more than usual. You should drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

#5. Your eating plan can be this: Drink warm water with lemon every morning. Eat scrambled eggs with olive oil for your breakfast. Eat turkey with green salad for your lunch. Eat vegetable salad with fish or chicken for your dinner.

#6. Make some changes in your lifestyle: reduce stress, do yoga or meditation.

#7. Keep a journal with your thoughts. White down everything you experience during this detox challenge. Write down what you eat and your feelings.

#8. Sleep well at night. This means that you should sleep at least eight hours every night. This will provide your body with the necessary energy.


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