4 reasons to avoid eating pork


Pork is the most consumed red meat in the whole world. It is especially popular in East Asia. It is rich in proteins, minerals and many vitamins. However, there is a downside to the medal. This meat is rather harmful for people’s health.

Most of those people who continue to eat meat understand the whole usefulness of the vegetarian diet, but it will not be out of place to recall the benefits of not using meat and products based on it. Why should we avoid eating pork?

It is the choice of everyone to eat meat or not. However, if you choose between types of meat, then there is no option worse than pork. Ecologically safe and healthy varieties of meat – beef, lamb, poultry and venison. A widespread and beloved pork is the source of many health problems. People should limit its use or even completely exclude it from their diet.

Eating too much pork can become the cause of infections, skin diseases, arthritis, arthrosis and even changes in the human hormonal background. Let’s look through this topic in details and consider whether we will continue eating it:

#1. Trichinosis

Pork, especially bought in unsanitary conditions, is infected with parasites. Trichinosis is among them, a malignant roundworm. When ingested, Trichinosis penetrates the heart muscle and multiplies there, which can result in even a lethal outcome.

#2. Hepatitis E

Pigs can be carriers of this serious disease. A person can get Hepatitis E through eating pork. Pregnant women should be especially careful, because they are most at risk of this disease.

#3. Cancer

Eating of red meat causes a toxic immune reaction in the body, which can cause cancer. The human body considers pork as an alien organism, which gives rise to a toxic immune reaction in response to its entry into the digestive system.

#4. Heart diseases

Pork is rich in bad cholesterol, so this can lead to serious heart diseases. If you have problems with your heart, you should avoid eating pork and pork products.


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