4 things that happen if you stop eating sugar


The vicious circle: the consumption of sweet foods causes the desire to eat even more sugar, so one piece of chocolate is very rarely restricted. But if you endure the critical segment in 20-30 minutes and still give up the sweet, you probably will not want a second serving. Only half an hour – and you are on the right track.

After all, as studies of the University of St. Luke in Kansas City show: by limiting yourself to sweet, you three times reduce the risks of dying from a cardiovascular disease. Why? Sugar raises the level of insulin, which increases blood pressure and heart rate.

Your body will benefit from ceasing eating sugar. Check out 4 things that happen if you stop eating sugar.

#1. You will become healthier and more energetic

Many people know that sugar is the source of glucose, which the body needs to replenish energy. At a low level of sugar in the blood, a person feels tired, becomes inhibited and can even lose consciousness. But no less dangerous is the high level of sugar in the blood of a person, which is observed in almost all sweet tooth. This can cause serious metabolic disorders together with the release of toxic metabolic products, which lead to the poisoning of the whole organism and a sharp decrease in working capacity.

#2. Your weight is stabilized

Immediately after you limit the consumption of sweet, you will begin to lose weight. And it’s not just that sugar is a source of calories in itself. Simply, it is most often included in high-calorie dishes: baking, confectionery, fast food, dairy desserts and so on. Restricting their consumption, you will easily and naturally get rid of extra pounds.

#3. Your intestine will normally work

While your brain is enjoying the next sweet cake, you have to puff up everything for the gastrointestinal tract. After all, the splitting of sugar occurs precisely in the intestine, and its excess disrupts the work of the enzymes of the stomach, intestine and pancreas. If you abandon the sweet and replace it with foods that have a high fiber content, you will be surprised to find that your intestine began to work literally like a Swiss watch.

#4. You will stop constantly wanting to eat “something sweet”

The mechanism of functioning of sugar dependence does not differ from narcotic. You eat candy – your brain is enjoying – you are following the next one. And so on, until there is something sweet in your reach. The positive news is that it is still possible to break this circle.

As soon as you change your diet, then notice that you want less and less sweet, and very soon you will be surprised to look at all these strange people around that swallow mountains of sweets.


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