5 secrets to make your man crazy for you

We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase “sex is not really important” countless times. To that, we say – yes, sex should not be what the relationship is based on. But, because sex is one of the ways to get intensely intimate with your partner, sex IS important in maintaining a healthy relationship.

As you know, men and women have different expectations and requirements when it comes to sex. For a good sex life, men and women need to be able to understand one another, and to meet the other’s needs. Therefore, we’ll take a look at how men perceive sex, and at the little things women can do to keep the flame burning, even after many years spent in the same relationship.

A few things you should consider regarding male sexuality.

Sight is one of the most important senses when it comes to sex, so men will be excited even by just seeing you in the nude. A multi-billion-dollar industry is based on this: porn. You need to keep in mind that porn should not be a normal occurrence in your sex life. Porn focuses on self-gratification, while a normal sexual relationship should be focused on mutual physiological and emotional gratification. Also, porn is just acting, often exaggerated, and usually focused on the needs of weak, egotistical men.

Getting back to the main theme of this article, here are some pointers on how to make him crazy for you.

#1. Let him know that you want him

Women are usually shy about initiating sex. Not because they don’t feel like it or want it, but mostly because of their social conditioning. In a healthy couple, both partners should be confident enough to initiate sex and express freely what they like and desire from their sexual life.

#2. The way you look matters

In long-term relationships, partners tend to slowly stop taking care of themselves, mostly because they become comfortable and there is nothing to conquer anymore. This is a mistake. By taking care of yourself, and asking the same of your partner, you will be able to enjoy yourselves and each other better.

#3. Give yourself the credit you deserve

Stop thinking about the real or imaginary negative aspects concerning your body or your emotions. Trust, respect and love yourself, and you will be able to do the same with your partner. We know this sounds grand, but it is true. An optimistic outlook on life and a can-do attitude will go a long way.

#4. Love is in the little things

In a healthy sexual relationship, foreplay is not reduced to a few minutes before sex. Show your man that you love him with small everyday gestures. You know what he likes, what he enjoys, so it should be really simple to do the things that indirectly tell him how much you love him or think about him.

#5. When it’s time, surrender yourself body and soul

Life is full of stress and worries. If you give in to them, you will never, ever manage to maintain a healthy sexual life. So, if the moment comes to have sex, put everything aside and be there, in the moment. You can reload your worries afterwards. In that moment, focus exclusively on you and your partner.


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