5 Tips That Can Shift Your Body From ‘Fat-storing’ to ‘Fat-burning’ Mode

Very often people complain that despite following a healthy diet and a hardcore workout nothing happens. Their weight either stays the same or even goes up. Despite how awful it sounds there are things to be done to improve that state of things.

The thing is that our bodies are very complex and there are many more things about them that we do not know, than we do. In case you are not moving from the ‘dead point’, that means that something is going wrong. First thing that should enter your mind is that your metabolism is too slow. Since there are many factors that have influence your metabolism, we are going to have a closer look at them.

#1 Liver

Your liver is responsible for many vital processes but when it gets filled with too many toxins and other bad things, its abilities decrease. Along with all these bad consequences, the state your liver influences the speed of all your metabolic processes. Clean it up and you will see how fast that weight will start to melt down. Cancel out all the processed food, alcohol and sweeteners and observe the miracle.

#2 Adrenal glands

If your adrenal glands are stressed they are not working properly. It does not matter what type of stress you are going through – you have to find out what is causing it and get rid of it so that your adrenal glands can get back to work.

#3 Thyroid gland

If your thyroid gland is not working properly it influences your metabolism and definitely not in a good way. The reason that your thyroid gland is rough may vary from poor sleep quality, to stress and lack of exercise. Figure out which one is affecting you by paying your doctor a visit.

#4 Muscle mass

It may sound confusing but the more muscle you gain the faster your metabolic processes become. That is why it is time to step away from only doing cardio and introduce some weights in your life.

#5 Full-body reset

It is nice to figure out one or two reason that may be wrong with you and start working on eliminating them but the key point is to reset your body as a whole organism. Keep that in mind that mechanism works if all the part are atpeace with one another.


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