7 signs a guardian angel is trying to communicate


In life, we always hope for help from heaven, when we face life’s failures and various troubles. After all, we can not always solve our problems ourselves, we are looking for support from relatives and close people, but people are not always able to help!

Angels are the spiritual entities that guide us. Although they dwell on another level of reality, they can transmit their directions to us through various signs or our dreams. You can see many signs indicating the presence of angels around us.

Perhaps, at first they will seem to you insignificant accidents, but when the higher forces try to contact you, the signs become more and more noticeable. If you need confirmation that you made the right decision, if you have a difficult period in your life, if you little confidence and strength to go ahead – the angels will send you a sign that they are near and save you. The main thing is to learn to see them!

#1. Feathers. Do feathers around you appear without a reason? Pay attention to this sign, he is near.

#2. Clouds. A cloud in the form of an angel can show you that your angel is thinking about you.

#3. Scents. Have you ever felt incomprehensible from where the aromas appeared in your home or even on the street? If you feel a very pleasant smell that does not match the environment, the angel can be away from you at a distance of embrace.

#4. Babies and pets. If you see that the baby with a smile looks at the ceiling or looks enthusiastically as if to nowhere, you can understand that the guardian angel is near. Toddlers and animals feel the presence of angels and relax.

#5. Music. If you hear angelic singing or inexplicable sounds, this also can be a sign of an angel.

#6. Coins. If you see coins everywhere, this is a sign of support from your guardian angel. Therefore, finding a coin, know: you are loved, guarded and instructed from above.

#7. Sparkles of Light. If you come across spheres, inexplicable glimpses or flashes of light or color, you can know that your guardian angel is close.


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