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7 ways to get rid of the stomach without diet and gym


You won’t surprise anyone these days with a healthy way of living, that is attending the gym on a regular basis and eating only healthy food. There is nothing wrong with it, of course. The thing is that not everyone has enough of spare time to devote to exercising and cooking. That is why we decided to come up with something for those of you who can’t afford the luxury of proper workout routines and diets.

As it turns out you can easily slim down your body if you follow these 7 simple steps. Rest assured, we are not going to force you live of cabbage leaves or some sports food. Everything effective is quite simple at the core and you will agree with this after you have a look at what we have in store for you.

#1 Posture

Very often we tend to underestimate the power of your posture. The thing is if you straighten your back you will not only become a little bit taller, your belly will look a lot slimmer – isn’t that something you are looking for? What is more, your muscles have a good memory, after a while, they will remember what you need from them and it will take you no effort to stand, sit and walk straight.

#2 Water

Water is life. The more you drink the better you feel and look. As simple as that!

#3 Toilet regime

You need to visit lady’s room at least 5 times a day. Make sure you do not force your body store urine since that will add up to your belly visually looking bigger.

#4 Chew properly

The way you chew matters as well. You need to chew everything you eat properly. The better the food is chewed the faster your body will deal with it. What is more, if you chew longer you will eat less. Quite easy, isn’t it?

#5 Breathe

Yes, this one is weird but it does not mean that it is ineffective. The thing is that you need to make sure you do not breathe through your mouth but only through the nose since if you breathe through the mouth you will inhale more air that is needed and that will lead to bloating.

#6 Hormones

Pay attention to your hormones because once they are imbalance you will start gaining fat with no visible reason for that.

#7 Lie down

No, we are not telling you to go to sleep. You need to carry out a certain exercise. All you need to do is to lie down with your feet a little bit up and with a rolled towel under your back. Maintain this position for about 20 minutes and after a while, you will notice that your muscles remembered the position and your belly look a lot slimmer.


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