8 beauty routines that you should do before bedtime


If you’re dealing with skin problems in the morning, you need to take some steps in the evening, to prevent the problems from appearing in the first place.

Use eye cream and moisturize your face well before going to bed, and rub some coconut or almond oil in your hair, for a shiny and healthy morning look. Make sure to check off the To Do list before going to bed and you will look ravishing in the morning.

#1. Erase Your Makeup

It’s worth spending a couple of minutes to get rid of your make up, even when you are exhausted. This way, you will avoid acne and skin imperfections.

#2. Use a Toner

Apply an alcohol-free toner to maintain the PH balance of your skin and to peel off the layer of dirt and sebum (the main culprits for why you get acne).

3. Make a Pony-Tail

Don’t let the dirt and oil from your hair rub onto your face. It may cause pimples.

4. Apply an Under-Eye Cream

If you spend your time working in front of a computer, you simply cannot go without an eye cream. It’s not only for aged skin, as most women think. Apply a little moisturizing under-eye cream in the evening, to make your skin radiant in the morning.

#5. Cover Your Pillow with a Silk Pillowcase

Satin or silk pillowcases will keep your hair from getting damaged. Cotton or synthetic pillow cases are the reason for split and damaged hair ends.

#6. Brush Your Teeth Before Hitting the Bed

Brush your teeth to prevent the growth of germs and to save your teeth from stains and blemishes.

#7. Put Some Lotion on Your Body

Make sure to apply moisturizer on your body. Treat your body with body lotion after a warm shower, and let it shine tomorrow morning.

#8. Put Some Oil on Your Hair

Massage some warm almond oil on your scalp and on your hair for astonishing-looking locks. These are easy rules to follow. Now go get that clean face and healthy hair!


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