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8 Bedtime Tricks That Can Make You Wake Up Slimmer


The problem of excess weight is very common nowadays. This issue doesn’t let people lead a normal life and cause many other health conditions which can be rather dangerous. That’s why every day more and more people make a decision to get rid of it.

As a rule, people who go through the process of weight loss work really hard to achieve desirable results. Strict diets and various exercises demand a lot of time, willpower, and effort. However, there are tips that can make your task a bit easier.

Today we have something special for you. Here are 8 bedtime tricks that can make you wake up slimmer. Following them you’ll make the process of weight loss much easier and will achieve first results much faster. Try at least one of them and you won’t regret it!

#1. Don’t eat 3 hours before going to bed

Most of us have dinner 3-4 hours before the bedtime but get some snacks during this period. This is the biggest mistake. You shouldn’t eat anything at all. When you start eating some snacks which seem to be harmless, it becomes rather hard to control yourself, you eat more and more and gain undesirable calories. That’s why it’s important to skip any meal 3 hours before the bedtime.

#2. Relax before going to bed

There are many people who go to bed being anxious or thinking about some important things. You should relax before going to bed. You can read a book or listen to calm music. In this way you’ll get rid of stress for the next day. Without stress it will be much easier for you to keep diet.

#3. Switch off all the lights in your room before going to bed

According to the research those women who sleep in a dark room are less likely to have problems with excess weight than those who sleep with lights on. Melatonin, a sleep production hormone can be produced only in a complete darkness. So, before going to bed make sure that you have switched off all the lights to get a good rest.

#4. Don’t use your phone before sleeping

There are many people who have a habit to surf the Internet, go through the social media and stuff like that before going to bed. This is harmful for your eyes and brain. Before sleeping you should relax and forget about your phone, laptop and other things of this kind.

#5. Plan your next day’s meals

In the morning all people are in a hurry. That’s why they have no time to think about their diet. To avoid all this stuff you should prepare some ingredients for the next day before going to bed. In this way it will be easier for you to maintain healthy diet.

#6. Have sex

Before sleeping it will be great to have sex. In this way you’ll get rid of stress, burn excess calories, and boost your metabolism. Besides, there is a little bonus. You’ll definitely strengthen your relationship with your loved one.

#7. Take a long walk

It will help you to relax and get rid of stress. You’ll clear your head and get rid of bad thoughts. You’ll also burn excess calories. A walk before in the evening will help you to start the next day energized.

#8. Sleep system

If your days are always hard and by the evening you are feeling tired and fatigued, your body needs a good rest. That’s why it’s important to have a good sleep. Moreover, it’s necessary to have a proper sleep regime. You should make the most optimal sleep system to get energy for the whole day.


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