8 Signs Your Man Is Trying To Control You!


Trust is the base of all long lasting and stable relationship. However, it is extremely important to hold a person close without patronizing. It is necessary to give a person some spare space and to respect his/her privacy.

Seems like this is a vital premise of healthy romantic relationship of adults. However, when it comes to real life relationship, people are trying to control each other. It leads nowhere. So, we don’t want you to make this mistake. At the same time you fiancee can be eager to control you. You don’t want to let it happen. So, today we want to tell you about 8 signs that your man is trying to control you. If you notice them in your life, you should have a serious talk with your man.

Here are 8 signs:

#1. He puts conditions on his love. Remember, true love is unconditional. You should be loved just the way you are, not because you did something good or behaved properly, as you were expected to.

#2. He restricts your communication with your friends and relatives without himself. This trick is telling a lot of a person. First of all, he is not sure in your devotion and wants to keep an eye on you all the time. Second of all, he is addicted to you. Literally. Seems like he is diffusing into you, which is not a good thing.

#3. He is checking what you are saying. Your words are not enough for him. He is always asking for more details and contacts your friends to check whether you are telling the truth. This is not ok and it should be stopped.

#4. The make you feel less confident. The weaker the person is, the easier he is to control. So, he makes sure you have low self- esteem. That is not how it is supposed to be , when you love someone. This is called manipulation. There are more signs, which reveal intentions of your partner to control you.

#5. He makes you feel emotionally drained.

#6. He is hostile towards you.

#7. He puts you down whenever you disagree with him.

#8. He tells you that he does not trust you.



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