According To Psychologists, Couples Who Argue Really Love Each Other More


It indeed sounds weird that people who argue a lot love each other more and for real. Why is that? The thing is that from a very young age we are being convinced that a real relationship is smooth and flawless, there is no place for arguments in it.

That is why we grow up with the thought that when we find out perfect partner there will be a honeymoon till the end of our days. That is why so many people end up being single for a long time.

It is scientifically proven that when people argue they are expressing their point, that is why they show the real face to each other. We won’t argue with you here – ignorance is a bliss. But when you learn how to accept your partner the way he is, there will be hardly anything that will ruin your relationship.

You should learn to treat each argument as a discussion and nothing more, as a discussion that will open a new secret about your partner. It is very important to never cross the line in your argument. In no case a fight is considered a healthy, bonding arguments, you should keep that in mind.

Sometimes something you say, even involuntarily can have a great impact over your partner, not always a positive one. There is no way you can take your words back. Sad but true, very often a rough phrase, you haven’t even meant can lead to destruction.

All in all, you have to be a grown up in any kind of argument. Remember that insulting your significant other will never prove your point and will never make your bond stronger. If you value your partner, you shouldn’t be afraid to speak up your mind, but never in the insulting manner.

Let your partner know that you think otherwise with dignity. Keep it in mind that mutual respect is not less important!


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