Apple Cider Vinegar Can Help You Remove Skin Tags


What do you know about skin tags? Apart from the fact that they look unattractive we know nothing, right? So we will tell you what they actually are. It is a condition called acrochordon and looks like small pieces of flesh are hanging off your body.

The usual places for these are armpits, neck and anything else that folds. You may be of the opinion that mostly overweight people have them, since there is a lot of flesh to fold. Well, we wouldn’t say that you are wrong but people with diabetes may suffer from them too.

Even though in most cases they are harmless, we are sure that none of you enjoy skin tags. As it was mentioned it is merely unattractive and probably embarrassing to walk around with.

So what can you do?

Of course you can go to the doctor and ask him to burn it, cut it off or freeze it, or you can try to do it at home.

What do you need to have it removed at home?

Nothing but vinegar. But, we must warn you that it is always better to have it checked by the doctor to eliminate the possibility that you may have something much worse than a mere skin tag.

If everything is ok then we proceed with the procedure, right? First of all, you have to wash the area around tag and dry it out.

Now soak a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar but make sure that the cotton ball is not dripping with it.

Your next move would be to leave the cotton ball on for 15 minutes over the infected area. As you see the procedure is pretty simple but you have to repeat it a couple of times a day. What for you may wonder? Well, it will help a skin tag to get darker and drier and as a result to fall off. One more thing, make sure that you are not applying apple cider vinegar onto the soft areas of your skin.


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