Effective methods of hair lamination at home


All women know that having nice hair brings you closer to a perfect look. We all know that gorgeous long locks can make any lady attractive. But, the reality is a little bit different, and we put our hair under constant stress so that it looks far from super attractive.

It is not a secret that you can always pay a visit to a salon so that your hair looks fabulous, yet it is pretty expensive and surely you can’t afford these procedures on regular basis. That is why we may have a useful secret in mind. The thing is that you can easily achieve that perfect hair look at home. what we have in mind is hair lamination at home. once you learn about this secret there is no way you are going to head to hairdresser’s anytime soon.

The main ingredient you are going to need for your hair lamination is gelatin. It is totally effective and inexpensive. Why is that so great for your hair? Gelatin contains collagen, which creates a special protective layer around your hair so that your hair is not that easy to damage.

The whole procedure will take you about an hour of your time but the effect will be totally worth it.


  • 1 Gelatin
  • Water
  • Shampoo
  • Hair cap


When you have all the ingredients ready, you need to dissolve gelatin with water and divide the mixture into two. Add one part to your regular shampoo and cover your hair with this mixture, put on the hair cap.

In case you want to get the better result, you should wrap a towel around your head. After 40 minutes pass, you need to wash the mixture off with warm water. Now combine the remaining mixture with your conditioner and spread it over your hair, and put on the cap for another 40 minutes. Wash it off with warm water and let your hair dry. Now you can enjoy your perfect mane!


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