At home remedies for damaged hair


Every woman dreams, not only of a beautiful and slender body, but also of strong and healthy hair. Today, few women can boast of healthy, thick and silky hair. The hair is affected by many factors. This includes an unfavorable atmosphere and precipitation, which contain chemical elements.

The cosmetic products that the modern market offers do not contain anything useful. Staining, hair dyeing, waving, using a flatiron and, of course, drying hair with a hair dryer are very harmful and can destroy the structure of the hair.

Of course, there are a lot of cosmetic products today aimed at restoring the structure of the hair. However, not all of them are useful, since they contain non-natural components. Remedies that can be quite easily made from natural ingredients at home, can have the most beneficial effect on the hair and scalp. Try these at-home remedies and you will see how your hair changes for the better:

#1. Ban dandruff. You need dried thyme and water. Boil water with dried thyme and apply it to your hair.

#2. Ban dry hair. You need banana, egg, honey, milk and olive water. Mix all ingredients and apply the mask to your hair for about twenty minutes.

#3. Ban oily hair. You need yogurt, baking soda and lemon juice. Mix these ingredients and apply the remedy to your scalp for about fifteen minutes.

#4. Ban dull hair. You need strawberries and mayonnaise. Blend strawberries with mayonnaise and apply to your hair for about twenty minutes.

#5. Ban build-up. Take vodka, honey, avocado and egg yolk. Mix everything and apply to your hair for twenty minutes.

All these remedies consist of natural ingredients only and will not harm your hair. Using them on a regular basis will return shine, strength and beauty to your hair in a very short period of time. Furthermore, all ingredients can be easily found at your home or in stores.


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