How much should women weigh in their 30s and 40s


Discussions among men about how much a woman should weigh will never end. Some like seductive stout women and others like slim women. However, in men’s opinions, those women who are confident in their appearance are the most attractive.

What does the medicine say about this? Body weight is an indicator that determines, not only the appearance of a woman, but also her physical and psychological health, and most importantly, the quality of life. Any changes in weight should be treated very carefully.

Rapid weight loss, as well as rapid weight gain while maintaining diet and exercise, can show various health problems. So, regular weighing should be the norm for people who want to live happily and healthy. What is the healthiest weight?

Sandra Krstev Barack tries to explain the relationship between an ideal weight and age. There can be many factors that make women after thirty or forty try to look like they are twenty. First of all, this is a desire to attract the opposite sex.

However, sometimes this can show some psychological disorders or stress. It is very important for women to have an ideal weight. On the contrary, some researches have shown that women who are in love worry about their weight less than single women.

Beauty criteria of an ideal weight imposed by the media often makes women lose weight, even when they do not need to do it. This can lead to various psychological and physical problems with their health. Women in their twenties and forties should not have the same weight.

According to Sandra’s research, women with height of 170 cm should have such weight:

20 years old- 110 lbs;

30 years old- 112 lbs;

40 years old- 114 lbs;

50 years old- 116 lbs.

However, these figures can not be fully accurate, since the physique of women is not taken into account. The body weight of women with thin or broad bones should not be the same. To get even more accurate figures, it is necessary to take the amount of muscle mass and the fat in the body of a woman into account.


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