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Scrub for intestines that can help you lose 11 pounds

Today, we would like to present you with something super cool. This is an effective scrub for your intestines. By consuming this scrub for a month, you can not only clean the intestines, but you can also lose 11 pounds!

Besides the benefits for the digestive tract, our super scrub can also improve the condition of skin, hair and nails. Your hair and nails will grow with magic power. What’s more, you will forget about bloating, and get rid of extra pounds in the abdomen area.

You should eat our super scrub for intestines every morning as breakfast. This scrub is very nutritious, and contains many useful components such as oatmeal, milk, honey, milk, and nuts. Additionally, you should know that this remedy has a laxative effect.

Here is a recipe of our scrub that can help you lose 11 pounds!


#1. 5 tbsp of oatmeal

#2. 5 tbsp of water

#3. 1 tbsp of milk (you can use 1 tsp of cream)

#4. 1 tsp of honey

#5. 5 nuts


You need to pour oatmeal with a cold boiled water, and leave it for the night. In the morning, you need to add 1 tbsp of milk, and 1 tsp of honey, and also 5 nuts (walnuts or hazelnut) in your oatmeal. Then, mix it and eat. After a meal, you should not eat or drink anything for 3 hours.


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