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The stomach vacuum exercise for strong abs


Exercise vacuum is is a wonderful example of bodybuilding elements from the oldest practices of yoga. Its performance allows not only to form a narrow waist and a tight stomach, but also to improve the body, adjusting the digestive processes and improving the work of the abdominal organs. Let’s analyze the technique of the exercise and find out what can be achieved with its implementation.

In addition to the development of transverse muscles, a vacuum in the abdomen brings tangible benefits to the entire body. It is not for nothing that this exercise has come to bodybuilding from yoga, where the main purpose of the classes is not aesthetics, but the health and harmonious development of body and spirit. What we call a vacuum in yoga is called udyadana bandha.

With the help of this exercise you will manage to:

1. Reduces the volume of the abdomen, forming a narrow waist and a beautiful silhouette.

2. Improves blood circulation in the abdominal cavity.

3. It serves the prevention of stagnant phenomena in the small pelvis.

4. Stimulates the intestinal peristalsis and improves digestion.

5. Has a calming effect on the nervous system, helping to fight stress.

6. Raises the internal organs, which is a therapeutic effect when they drop.

7. Helps to stabilize the lumbar spine.

From the side, such an exercise as a vacuum in the abdomen looks very simple. Drawing in the belly and relaxing – what can be easier? But in order to do the exercise correctly and, most importantly, to get an effect from it, it is necessary to understand the subtleties of its implementation.

The technique is invariable in any position, but it is believed that lying down is easier, since the internal organs are acted upon by gravity, bringing them closer to the spine. Standing and sitting a little more difficult, and on all fours (belly down) – the most difficult option, since the same gravity pulls the contents of the abdominal cavity to the ground. In practice, these differences are not so significant, so I suggest you try all the options and choose the right one for you.


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