The winter cleansing ritual that can help clear your mind before the New Year

Large loads, a huge amount of information, inflated demands – sooner or later the brain of a modern person begins to boil. It needs rest: for this, someone will like to walk in silence, someone will throw his thoughts on paper, someone will watch the passers-by or just think about anything.

We constantly run somewhere and rush. Our life rhythm is constantly accelerating. Every day we have to solve a huge number of issues and tasks. The crazy rhythm of modern life is extremely overloading our brain.

Negative impact can also have our own thoughts, which literally swarm in my head. In the result that leads to the accumulation of feelings of anxiety and guilt or a feeling of worthlessness. What should we do to clear our mind before the New Year? Look through these tips:

#1. Turn off your electronic devices, turn off the light and light a candle.

#2. Do some breathing exercises. This will both relax you and give you more energy.

#3. Choose a crystal for you according to your wishes and say some words to it.

#4. Take your crystal close to you and start meditation. You can meditate sitting or lying on the floor, choose the most comfortable position.

#5. After your meditation, you should cleanse your house from all negative energy that have accumulated during the previous year. Light a stick of sage.

#6. Then you should cleanse your body. Take a brush and massage your dry body to remove all dead cells and negative energy.

#7. After brushing, you should take a warm shower or a bath to wash away everything from your body.

#8. Take your favorite oils and apply to your body after the shower. This will moisturize your skin and relax your body.

#9. Make a to do list for the next year. Try to make a plan and make your every effort to achieve all the points from your wishlist.


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